Hyperoptic Deals and Internet Offers

Hyperoptic's Plans and Offers

Hyperoptic offers a variety of broadband plans tailored to suit different customer needs. The company's dedication to providing a top-quality internet connection is clear from the fact that all their broadband plans offer full fibre connections. This guarantees users faster uploads and downloads, as well as more consistent speeds compared to conventional broadband options.

The "Fast" plan, which is Hyperoptic's most affordable plan, offers average speeds of 50 Mbps at a monthly cost of £25. It is perfect for those who use the internet for casual browsing, streaming, and other basic activities. This plan comes with a £29.00 setup fee and is subject to a 24-month contract.

For the larger households or regular gamers, the "Superfast" plan offers an average speed of 150 Mbps at £32 per month, and the setup fee stands at £19. This ensures smooth operation of multiple devices simultaneously, thus answering to heavy internet use needs.

The "Ultrafast" deal takes the connectivity quality a notch higher with average speeds of 500 Mbps. Costing £38 per month, this plan is designed for the tech-savvy users who expect high-speed and uninterrupted broadband service for advanced gaming, simultaneous high-definition (HD) streams, and large downloads.

Lastly, for the ultimate internet experience, the "Hyperfast" broadband plan provides average speeds of a staggering 900 Mbps. With a monthly cost of £45, this package has no setup fee. This plan is perfect for people who work from home, and use the internet for demanding tasks like 4K streaming, heavy gaming, large file downloads, and running smart home devices.

Despite their various speeds and costs, none of the Hyperoptic broadband plans currently provide TV subscription packages. Nonetheless, the high-speed internet service in their packages undoubtedly supports seamless streaming on various TV apps and platforms.

Major Cities and Hyperoptic


Examining the data we have collected over the past year, it becomes apparent that the broadband service provider, Hyperoptic, has maintained outstanding performance in the UK's major cities. Consistently, the download speeds achieved by Hyperoptic customers markedly exceeds those of all other providers across the board.

In Birmingham, for example, Hyperoptic recorded an average download speed of 209.51 Mbps, with the median value sitting at a robust 155.32 Mbps. By comparison, the average download speed across all providers came in at a substantially lower 127.44 Mbps.

A similar disparity was observed in other major cities such as Leeds and Sheffield. In both of these cities, Hyperoptic's average download speeds of 209.51 Mbps far outperformed the averages reported by all providers. For Leeds and Sheffield, these averages were 123.90 Mbps and 95.91 Mbps, respectively.

In London, the country's most populated city and a global hive of digital activity, the difference was just as stark. Here, Hyperoptic's performance towered above national results, with an average and median download speed of 209.51 Mbps and 155.32 Mbps respectively. When compared to the combined performance of all providers in the capital (average: 126.46 Mbps; median: 65.41 Mbps), it is clear that Hyperoptic continues to provide an exceptional service.

It’s worth mentioning that the data indicated that the number of speed tests conducted by Hyperoptic customers remained consistent across the cities studied. Routine speed testing is an important tool for ensuring broadband performance remains at a high level, so it’s good to see such consistency from Hyperoptic users.

In conclusion, over the past year Hyperoptic has shown to consistently outperform its peers in terms of broadband speeds, delivering a significantly faster service to its customers in major cities around the UK. This superior performance coupled with its customers' active engagement in speed testing looks set to position the provider well for future dominance in these territories.

Hyperoptic's Overall Internet Performance

Hyperoptic is a prominent broadband provider with a substantial user base. The data derived from users' speed tests provides a wealth of information regarding the company's performance. With a sample size of over 334,000 tests, the evaluation offers considerable insights on the speed and efficiency of the company's broadband service.

An interesting fact is that the average download speed observed from Hyperoptic's tests stands at 209.51 Mbps, an impressive number indicating robust performance and high-speed internet accessibility to the users. Even more crucially, the median download speed, i.e. the download speed most users are likely to experience, is 155.32 Mbps, which falls somewhat short of the average but is still a commendable speed.

The median upload speed is recorded as 148.47 Mbps that indicates a strong and reliable uploading capacity. In terms of latency, the median latency observed is as low as 4 ms, which is a strong marker of the reliable and fast communication facilitated by Hyperoptic.

Regarding historical performance, the data showcases a constant improvement in Hyperoptic's broadband speeds over the years. For instance, in 2018, the median download speed was recorded at 56.34 Mbps, and the average download speed was 101.40 Mbps. Both numbers increased in 2019, with the median download speed at 64.58 Mbps and the average speed at 105.59 Mbps. By 2022, these numbers had more than doubled, with the median download speed observed at 154.80 Mbps and the average download speed coming in at 209.17 Mbps. The trend continues into 2023, as the median and average download speeds have further increased to 157.02 and 212.76 Mbps respectively.

To sum up, the data eloquently highlights how Hyperoptic consistently provides improved broadband service year on year, with increasing download and upload speeds, and very low latency. The company's commitment to the provision of high-speed, reliable broadband services to its users is clear. The 50% mark for the speed tests comes in at 78.03 Mbps, which again reflects the strong performance levels maintained by Hyperoptic. The continuous improvement in numbers and the consistency in performance reflect Hyperoptic's dedication to quality service and customer satisfaction.

Last Update: 29th Aug 2023