TalkTalk Deals and Internet Offers

TalkTalk's Plans and Offers

TalkTalk offers various broadband plans to cater to different user needs. The basic plan is the Fibre 35, priced at £28 per month. This plan is not full-fibre and doesn't come with TV, but it does offer an average speed of 35 Mbps. It is subject to an £15 setup fee and an 18-month contract.

For those needing a faster connection speed, you can go for Fibre 65. Also set on an 18-month contract, this plan costs £29.95 per month to deliver average speeds of 65 Mbps. However, it does not offer full-fibre or TV.

If you'd like to incorporate TV features into your plan, you have the option of Fibre 35 TV and Fibre 65 TV. They cost £32 and £33, respectively. Both of these are not full-fibre plans, but they do bring TV services in the bundle. You can expect to have the same 35 Mbps and 65 Mbps speeds as the corresponding plans without TV.

For ultimate internet performance, consider the Full Fibre 150 plan. As its name suggests, this is a full-fibre package that offers an impressive average speed of 150 Mbps. It is priced at £35.00 per month, without any television services included. Like all other TalkTalk plans, the contract lasts for 18 months and there's a setup fee of £15.

Looking at the data, it's clear that TalkTalk is offering a variety of options to suit different needs and budgets. Two things remain constant across all plans: an 18-month contract period and a £15 setup fee. For those who prioritize higher internet speeds over bundled TV, the Full Fibre 150 plan emerges as the best choice. Otherwise, the Fibre 35 TV and Fibre 65 TV packages could be the right fit as they offer a balance between cost, speed, and additional TV services.

Major Cities and TalkTalk

The analysis of data collected over the past year from across the UK's major cities provides a unique insight into the performance of broadband provider TalkTalk. Taking into account real-world tests conducted by TalkTalk users, as well as other metrics, we can gain an understanding of the provider's overall performance in comparison to their competitors.

In Greater London, TalkTalk users ran 34,347 tests with an average download speed of 58.01 Mbps and a median of 36.68 Mbps. In contrast, all providers recorded a higher average speed of 145.19 Mbps from 627,966 tests. A similar pattern emerges in Birmingham, with TalkTalk's speeds coming in below the city-wide average.

Interestingly, TalkTalk’s performance varied across different regions. In Leeds, the average download speed was notably higher at 83.19 Mbps, despite a lower median speed. A similar uptick can be seen in Bradford and Liverpool, where subscribers enjoyed speeds of 75.77 Mbps and 76.15 Mbps respectively.

However, while these performances exceed their figures in some other areas, they are still lower than the average speeds recorded city-wide from all providers. This can be seen in Bradford and Liverpool, where all providers offered average speeds of 121.50 Mbps and 115.83 Mbps respectively.

Tests from Glasgow showed an average speed of 66.52 Mbps for TalkTalk subscribers, slightly below the overall city average of 98.64 Mbps. Rates were slightly higher in Manchester, achieving an average speed of 67.19 Mbps but trailing behind the 112.53 Mbps average achieved by all providers.

From the data, it is evident that while TalkTalk has a consistent presence across the major cities of the UK, its performance tends to fall below the city-wide averages across the board. This suggests room for improvement in terms of competitive broadband speeds. However, the variance in speed among different cities suggests that regional factors may also be influencing their performance scores.

TalkTalk's Overall Internet Performance

TalkTalk, a popular UK broadband provider, has a significant volume of data available that provides insights into their performance. Over 1.3 million speed tests have been conducted by TalkTalk users. This volume of tests offers a comprehensive data set that can be utilised to paint a picture of the provider's capability regarding speed and reliability.

The average download speed offered by TalkTalk is exceptionally promising at 62.62 Mbps, adequately competing with other renowned providers in the market. Moreover, the median download speed identified from user tests is 37.19 Mbps, with the upload speed being very close to this at 37.03 Mbps. This indicates that the upload and download speeds offered by TalkTalk are fairly balanced, offering an ideal environment for data-intensive tasks such as streaming, video calling, and large data files transfers.

Another vital aspect gauged from the data is the latency rate, which TalkTalk has impressively maintained at a median of 14 milliseconds. Low latency is crucial for activities like online gaming and real-time communication, so this figure positions TalkTalk favourably for customers with these needs.

Interestingly, half of the speed tests performed are clocking over 38.56 Mbps, showcasing that the majority of TalkTalk's users enjoy high-speed internet.

A chronological analysis of the data demonstrates a continual improvement in download speeds over the years. The average download speeds have shown a steady increase, from 15.09 Mbps in 2018 to a fantastic 65.9 Mbps in 2023. Even the median download speed has leaped from 10.73 Mbps in 2018 to 37.62 Mbps in 2023. This upward trend demonstrates TalkTalk's commitment to continually improving its service delivery.

In summary, TalkTalk's performance is commendable, with high download and upload speeds, a significantly low latency rate, and a clear trend of ongoing improvement. With their broadband service seemingly improving with each passing year, potential and existing customers of TalkTalk have good reason to be confident about the provider's capabilities.

Last Update: 29th Aug 2023