Virgin Media Deals and Internet Offers

Virgin Media's Plans and Offers

Virgin Media offers a variety of broadband plans for their customers. These options range from lower speed but affordable plans to higher-priced offerings with lightning-fast speed. Based on the data available, it is apparent that Virgin Media tries to cater to a wide range of internet needs.

Virgin Media's offerings begin with their M125 Fibre Broadband plan. This plan isn't full-fibre but offers a respectable average speed of 132 Mbps. It's an affordable option, with a monthly price of £28.50, and comes with an 18-month contract period with no setup fee. As we move up in their offerings, we see the M250, M350, and M500 plans. These plans offer even faster speeds, going up to an average of 516 Mbps, but also increase in price, going up to £44.50 per month. Like the M125 plan, these also aren't full-fibre and come with 18-month contract periods and no setup fee.

Virgin Media's most premium internet-only plan is their Gig1 Fibre Broadband. For £45.00 monthly, it offers an impressive average speed of 1130 Mbps. Despite not being full-fibre, this plan is great for heavy internet users who prioritize speed. As with their lower-tier plans, the Gig1 Fibre Broadband also comes with an 18-month contract and no setup fee.

Besides the internet-only plans, Virgin Media also offers two bundle options. The Bigger Bundle is priced at £39.50 monthly, provides an average speed of 362 Mbps, and comes with TV services included. The Ultimate Volt Bundle, at £85.00 monthly, is a more premium option with an average speed of 1130 Mbps and TV services included. Both of these options have 18-month contracts and no setup fee. They are perfect for customers who not only need a reliable internet connection but also value the added entertainment provided by the TV services.

Despite none of the plans being full-fibre, Virgin Media's plans offer decent speeds that meet different customers' needs and budget. Their bundled offerings also provide a comprehensive entertainment solution, combining high-speed internet and TV service in one package.

Major Cities and Virgin Media


The data gives us a deep insight into the performance of Virgin Media's broadband service in some of the UK's largest cities over the past year. Some interesting patterns emerge when evaluating the data from tests performed by the provider's real-world users.

In Greater London, Virgin Media users carried out 25,067 speed tests, achieving an average download speed of 160.78 Mbps. The median download speed recorded was significantly lower at 93.74 Mbps. When compared to the overall performance across all providers in the city, where the median speed was just 68.06 Mbps, it's clear that Virgin Media's service in the capital is demonstrating a strong performance.

Moving north to Birmingham, Virgin Media's delivered an even stronger showing. There were overwhelmingly more tests conducted in Birmingham, with 189,148 recorded. These tests concluded higher average and median download speeds of 175.33 Mbps and 130.67 Mbps, respectively - significantly outperforming the city-wide averages of all providers.

In Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield, Manchester, Bradford, and Liverpool, similar trends of Virgin Media's excellent performance are evident. Across all these cities, the provider consistently showed higher download speeds - both average and median - as compared to the city-wide results from all providers.

In Sheffield, we observed the highest average download speed recorded by Virgin Media users at 180.08 Mbps. Bradford had the highest median speed at 133.94 Mbps, showcasing the robust services provided by Virgin Media.

On the other hand, Virgin Media's performance in Manchester was somewhat less impressive compared to other cities, with average download speeds recorded at 150.13 Mbps. However, such is the provider's solid performance; this speed still exceeds the city-wide average.

Overall, the data clearly demonstrates that Virgin Media's broadband service consistently delivers higher speeds than the average of all providers combined in the majority of the UK's largest cities over the past year. Virgin Media's firm positioning and strong performance make it a compelling choice for customers seeking speedy and reliable broadband services.

Virgin Media's Overall Internet Performance

According to the data analysed by, Virgin Media has demonstrated impressive performance in the broadband space. Based on close to 6.5 million real-world speed tests conducted by Virgin Media users, the results show a commendable consistency in the provider's broadband service delivery.

The average download speed recorded for these tests stands at an exceptional 186.14 Mbps. It's also worth noting that the median download speed (the speed at which half the tests run either above or below) is a substantial 134.25 Mbps. This indicates that most of the Virgin Media users enjoy an above-average internet speed that enhances connectivity and enables seamless online activities.

Virgin Media users also record a significant median upload speed of 132.59 Mbps, reinforcing the fact that the company offers well balanced internet provision. When it comes to latency (the delay that occurs in the transmission of data packets over the network), Virgin Media hits a fair median score of 13 milliseconds, suggesting an efficient and timely data transmission.

A least 50% of the speed tests conducted are over 76.92 Mbps. This again highlights the dependable high-speed service Virgin Media users enjoy. The ability of an internet provider to consistently deliver speeds over this mark is invaluable, particularly for users who heavily rely on high-speed internet for activities like gaming, streaming, or working from home.

The data also reveals a steady upward trend in Virgin Media's performance over the years. For instance, in 2018, the median download speed was 31.74 Mbps and the average download speed was 49.44 Mbps. By 2023, these numbers have significantly increased with the median download speed skyrocketing to 135.79 Mbps and the average download speed becoming 196.37 Mbps.

In summary, the data suggests that Virgin Media is an efficient and reliable broadband provider, delivering high speeds for both download and upload. Virgin Media users can confidently indulge in bandwidth-intensive tasks like gaming, live streaming, or handling heavy data workloads. This robust performance, coupled with a steady improvement over the years, positions Virgin Media as a leading broadband provider.

Last Update: 29th Aug 2023